WHy Choose us

1.  Our inspections include Infrared Assisted Technology   at no cost to our customers.


     • In this inspection, infrared technology is used to resolve items that seem suspicious. as an example, a water spot

       on the ceiling below a bathroom, the owner of the home might say it has been resolved. Infrared can determine if

       there is active moisture that has not shown itself in the form of a leak or water stain.

     • This is not a complete infrared testing of the home.


2. Rapid Report Completion - guaranteed 24 hours or less, weekends included.


Although we haven’t met formally, I just wanted to reach out personally to thank you for the excellent inspection report on the property. As an attorney who has reviewed a number of inspection reports, I knew right away when I reviewed the inspection report you did for my sister that your work was a cut above the rest. I look forward to recommending your services highly to my friends and colleagues in the future.

My husband and I would like to thank you for the fantastic work you have done.  You made it so easy and a lot less stressful for us.  It was also quite entertaining to watch you work with all of your sophisticated equipment; we now refer to you as Inspector Gadget!


The report was so easy to read and to understand.  There are so many things we missed even though we were there with you that day! You were so very professional with us and with the seller who also tagged along for the inspection.  We found you very respectful with him.  It was great dealing with you and we will definitely recommend you without any hesitation.


Keep up the good work, you made a difference in our buying process and we hope you will continue to do so for many other families like ours!





This report is extremely comprehensive and detailed with all the suggestions we discussed.

I appreciate your time and help. If I have questions I will contact you. For now I already bought the magnet strips for the vents

We were pleased with how the inspection report was very well detailed and explained all problems pertaining to the home.  All our questions were answered during the inspection and he took the time to make us understand the issues.  Links were included within the report to easily clarify, define & expand on the issues.  The use of proper inspection tools & well-defined photographs depicted all short- & long-term concerns, which helped expand our overall view for the future.


Both summarized & detailed entries gave us a clearer picture of what lied ahead & at the same time gave us peace of mind, as first-time home buyers, to make a much more informed decision with accepting or foregoing the home.


We strongly recommend Sheldon's expertise in the field.  His professionalism when dealing with the real estate agents, homeowners & us as home buyers, is testament of being a true seasoned veteran in the industry.



This is an amazing inspection report!!


The report is exactly what I would want from a home inspection. The fact that I can reference it at any time and understand exactly what and why I have to fix something, is amazing. The pictorial approach is excellent with the “RED” arrows quickly directing you to the important issues.


I, also, like the fact the tabs bring you to the different sections with just a simple click of the mouse. The printed version is not even necessary, since the digital format has so many convenient features and reference links.


Feel free to show this email to clients as a testament of your work.


Great work!


Thank You





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